Act Together


We can whisper to the wind and no one will hear but if we whisper our prayers together then someone will. Join us as we whisper to the leaves. We whisper to every hearts of every people who care. Let’s act together and we will achieve great things. We understand that you may not have the extra time to participate in these kinds of activities, but if you find in your heart the desire to help, support us. By just visiting this website alone, you already helped us share our agenda. also support non profit organizations to achieve the same goal. Kindly check their websites and you may find the best program you can participate to help drive change. | | |  | |

You don’t have to be a musician to join us. All you need is the willingness to join and support our cause. Everyone of us has things to share, it could be your music or your time, it could be your presence in social media and it could be your talent regardless what field you are in. There is no limit on what you can share. It starts with awareness, help us get more people aware and so they can have their chance to make it up to Mother Nature. Remember that we are powerless over Mother Nature, if she decides to lose her grace towards us, then we are doomed.