Music And Nature

man singing

We offer our songs to the leaves that can hear. Leaves who dance with joy as they listen to the songs we made for them. They too, have life.

Am I mad to think the sound of the river and
the roar of the waves, can hear us?
As the wind blows through the trees and
howls in the night-can it not in turn
hear our muted sounds? –  Joe Fazio


Whispering in the leaves are collaboration of many recording artists to prevent the nature from being destroyed as the civilization progress. We can’t live to think knowing that our nature has been diminishing over the years and yet we have done nothing. Our group of friends sing our songs with a cause and we know that our purpose for making our music heard is to get the people act together and be humane to our Mother Nature.

Let sing songs and help those who have life too. They have life and they can hear the sincerity of our hearts. There is no need to wait for tomorrow to appreciate the things we have today. They are here, co-existing with us for a reason. And that reason is to make our lives better by just looking at them and by just smelling their fragrance. We hope that we can describe how we feel but there is no word that best explains this.

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