Man Relaxing

The air is different

The city life provides every comforts we need like air-conditioned rooms, food everywhere, bathrooms, and other leisures of life that we have access to indulge everyday. However, we still find ourselves the need to detach and take sometime for some nature adventure. Why is that? Because humans are made to live with nature. Our body needs oxygen that comes from nature. We can breathe the city air but it is nothing compared to the kind of air you can inhale when you are surrounded with trees. There is that relaxing sensation it provides. If I get to choose to live in a rain forest, I think will take the chance. The problem is I’m already trained to live in a city where all my needs are provided for. But I don’t forget the importance of nature in my life. It is a place I can simply become my self again. Far away from the condescending world of the city. It is a place where I can simply unplug and relax while the nature sings for me.

The natural light in the forest is packed with vitamin D

Vitamin is D is essential for calcium absorption, good blood flow, and blood pressure regulation. Lack of vitamin D can make you moody and less happy. The vitamin D coming from the sun not only helps you become healthy but also helps you achieve well-being. These are the things we usually we take for granted in the city. We hate the sun because it burns the skin. Well, if you are in a rain forest or surrounded with trees, you’ll find sun exposure a good thing. The shade of the trees balances the heat and filter the light for you, so when the rays reach your skin, it will be a pleasurable experience. See, that’s how nature loves and protects us. We should protect it in return.

Nature calms us down

Did you have a bad day in the office? You are very mad and you feel like shouting “I QUIT”. But you know you can’t quit, maybe, what you need is a short break. Whenever this happens to me, I go for a hike. I let my body get tired while freeing my mind with so much thinking. Once my body can’t go on anymore, I rest then I meditate. I often fall asleep during this process and every time I woke up, it feels like a brand new day. I can take another hitting again. The sound of nature for me is very reassuring that everything is going to be okay. It reminds us that there’s more to life than stress and working too hard. Nature reminds us that we need to be natural again, reminds us of who we truly are.